December 10, 2010

tunnel vision.

the end is in sight.

it is no longer blurry.

it is only a few steps head.

one path to get there.

check lists seem long.

time seems short.

stress runs high.

the Danube runs low.

time is fast.

paper writing is slow.

homesickness fades and increases

highs and lows of crashing waves of  the stateside  shores beckoning us all home.

do we return the call?

we must.

but the shores of the Danube will undoubtedly draw as back again.





the smoke of Budapest in our lungs will be breathed out.

the sent embedded in our skin will fade.

the language no longer present.

the absence of our friends.

of our matching bedsheets.

of our recycled decorations.

of my heart beat pounding out of my chest with anticipation of a goodbye.

a see a tunnel

where everyone everything everyplace everysent everysight everytouch lines the walls

i see the salty shore of the Atlantic

the fresh shore of the Lakes

i see those unfamiliar, familiar faces.

homes changed face.

it looks old but warm.

i raise my glass of palinka and drink one last drink.

the burn lights my lungs on fire.

my body on fire.

my heart on fire.

a good fire.

the fire of Budapest fills the tunnel.

it kisses my cheek goodbye.

we embrace.

and it leads me to the end.

promising me to meet again.

to love again.


December 6, 2010



The scent and sight of fresh lavender will always, always, always, remind me of Budapest.

It is the smell of adventures, of the Christmas market, of clean rooms, clean sheets, clean clothes.

It is the smell that repels stress and welcomes ease.

It is the smell that carries me to my dreams.

It is the first scent I experience in the morning.

It is the last scent I experience at night.



can you smell it?

i hope so.


-Papercranes loves lavender-

December 1, 2010


3….2…1… photo update:


okay, so theres a lot going on in this post.

Featured are photos from my statue adventure, Bosnia: Sarajevo and Mostar, Szentendre (a Hungarian town), MY PARENTS,  snow, the Christmas festival, and the ballet.

There will be more specific blog posts soon!

But heres just a taste of all the craziness of the past few weeks!

Stay tuned for more.


– L –

-Paper Cranes-

November 18, 2010

Sarajevo In Stories

1) First morning in Sarajevo–breakfast is not provided for by the hostel as we intended. So, our first adventure begins at 8:00 a.m. as we waltz into the first restaurant willing to serve 20 groggy Americans.  The menu is only pictures, which should be an encouragement to us not knowing the language, but the pictures tell us nothing about what is inside the deep-fried extremity. Nice.  So to be safe I opt for the chicken. Let’s just say that tomorrow morning I will be choosing the next picture over.

2) Tonight I spend the last half hour of light watching the sun melt behind the Sarajevo mountains. How desperately I hope the people of this city still see its unparalleled beauty even though they have also seen unparalleled pain. “City of death,” “City of graves.” Yes, but you, Sarajevo, are also the city of strength. The city that survived.  Mountains that once held masked snipers and endless tanks will once again hold a picturesque background for every sunset and every sunrise

3) It’s official! I am bound to return to Sarajevo. It is an ancient tradition that if you drink the pure water from the fountain of Sebilj you are destined to return to Sarajevo. I have drank…drunk…drinken….drunken…or whatever tense belongs there. I will return.

4)  Day 2, Mostar, the “bridge watchers” is a city of captured beauty.  The two-hour drive from Sarajevo was worth every minute as peak after peak pointed proudly through the thick fog. This smaller city is home to 125,000 Muslims, Catholics, Orthodox, and Jewish people. Their city’s most prized possession being the crescent shaped bridge that connects old and new town. The bridge was built for the city and its perfect central location gives a view the city deserves. So, when the politicians during the Muslim-Croat war decided to blow up the bridge in 1993 a part of Mostar- the driving force – was destroyed. When the war ended in ’95 it was on the top of the renewal list, and today the Mostar bridge once again proudly connects old and new. In Sarajevo and Mostar we learned that the cities will not repair a place unless there are funds to repair it to the exact form it once took. What a beautiful way to preserve the uniqueness of a place.

Lord, thank you for travelling safety and unforgettable beauty.

-Silver Rings-

November 10, 2010


and since im on a roll….a blogroll…(baaaahahahahahahahah!!!) …(sorry).

these are from Slovenia.

yeah i like these together.

its late.






i blame my mother

and Jennie….

yeah Jennie….



November 10, 2010

All of them…and me.

The time has come to introduce everyone, to well…everyone!

Where shall i begin….

Well you already know SarahJean…and if you dont…you need some serious help seeing as she co-owns this bloggness.

This is Alex, i’m convinced she will be president one day.

Continuing on a theme of A names, This is Andrew.a scruffy, brown eyed, sandal wearing New Englander. Hes becoming quite the model, no?

and Arielle, cant miss her outrageously jubilant personality, her knack for all things cute and asian, and the nuclear power behind her nose blowing.

Oh, Hey Kendra, the eternal model. reppin’ Canada and all things lovely, she takes the cake with #1 model on this trip.

Apparently i have a thing for black and white…but it fits perfectly with this film noir-esque image of Tanya.

A strong advocate for her up and coming teahouse, and her newly bought camera, her thirst for adventure doesn’t slow her or her witty sarcasm down.

Meet Robert, he loves to play hearts, which means hes an automatic winner, hes an excellent driver, and could kill you with his pinky.

A successful attempt at catching Michelle not making a dumb face. Her deadpan humor, huge brain, passion for social work, and the fact that shes from Dort makes her the most lovable lady ever. meesh, TRANSFER!

This lovely lady is Francis, the equally beautiful sister of Alex. I have not once seen her in an outfit that wasn’t stunning and not required me to refrain from being uber jealous at how she works it everywhere she goes.

Pat. This photo says it all.; the smug, mysterious, trying not to laugh look.  Pat is the best BSer i know. He can keep anyone entertained for hours and he has a thirst for life and language.

Can you BS your way through pretty much every Slavic language known to man…..I DONT THINK SO. but Pat can.

And if you are ever looking for Pat you will probably find him in a matching Calvin hoodie/back pack  annoying this lovely lady. My tall blond kindred spirit Kayla.

She willingly ….WILLINGLY models for me, does my hair, and encourages me daily to love myself. We paint pottery together, but i am NO match for her intense artistry skills.

she is in love  with  art and more with Diet Coke . she occupies most of my time.

Dan the man, looking rather regal here. Hes a writer, actor, artist, rock music extraordinare. He can usually be spotted wearing his “Obey Gravity, its the law” or Iron Maiden shirt . He is the essence of contemporary.

he also makes weird noises, but thats why we love him.

When shes not desperately avoiding my camera at all costs, Leesha is busy being beautiful, kind, gentle, raving about Aunt Robin, silly, and saying OKAY to everything.

Okay Leesh, OKAY. (thanks for not noticing me take this photo.)

and its never a party with out our favorite ginger, Kaile. I don’t even need to mention her incredible photogenic super powers, or the fact that she is the life to the party, or that she seeks to pry open the secrets of Budapest one unique place at a time, i don’t need to mention those things…but i will.

Kyle, i dont know how you avoided my camera, but this is one of THREE photos i have of you.. THREE! and  its the only one you are flying solo in….this will change you crazy awesome magician, writer, theater buff, and wicked delicious vegetarian cook you! Watch Kyle, my cameras pointing at YOU next.

Well you’ve already met Branden in the new secret spot (which we need to revisit) But here is b-rudes rocking the fro like its his job, being an international development majorface, collecting various country flags, knowing lots of geography, and being just ask stoked about Geocatching as i am!

And this is abby, whom you just recently met! She can nearly always be found rocking her fedora or her orange necklace. She is a brilliant writer, poet, and coffee lover. and she wins bonus points for letting me photograph her with her flowers.

And you know me….right? Well heres me anyway cause i feel left out. Fun facts about me: I licked a statue made out of salt, the dress im wearing in the photo was ripped to shreads by a door handle, and that is not my natural hair color.

oh yeah…and im awesome.



Well NOW you’ve met, or re-met everyone!

These are the people i see everyday.

The people i laugh with, play hearts with, cry with, live with, dance with, sing with, watch glee with, audition with,  are mad at, are encouraged by, are impressed by.

These are the people i photograph, or these are the people who so graciously let me photograph them.

These people, for better and worse are my Hungarian family.

and i love them., i really do.


sort of.


(much love peeps, hope you dont mind me blogging about ALL of you.)

(no worries tho, i linked your blogs!…you’re welcome)


— L —

November 10, 2010

Abby & Fleur.

Ms. Abby is always picking flowers.

When she does I document her mini portable gardens.

heres the first of many (im sure).

and two more for the road:

Abby you beautiful woman you.

Thanks for letting me annoy you with my camera.

keep the flowers coming.



November 10, 2010

O Captain My Captain.

we would be nowhere with out his direction.

we would be nothing with out our captain

we would be hopeless with out his charm and witty banter.

lets face it, our lives would be borderline meaningless with out him.

Here he is.

Three cheers (and then some) for Captain Page (for putting up with us).

Hop on board the Michael Page train, grab your conductor hats, and fake those brittish accents.

you are in for quite the ride.

(i promise)



and finally, the purest form of michael page ive ever seen:


MP, thanks for putting up with our tomfoolery, shenanigans, and various states discombobulation.

You are and will always be our Captain.



October 26, 2010

Things we’ve been up to:

– throwing halloween parties

– writing midterm papers

– having Cassidhe Visit!

– brushing our teeth

– singing “Hey Kendra” to Kendra

– watching Backborn at Michael Page’s

– falling asleep to the sound of rain

– staying up late on Skype

– decorating walls

– eating pasta

– eating pasta

– eating pasta

– getting excited for Croatia

– doing laundry (without a dryer)

– hanging out with Hungarian friends

– enjoying autumn

– reading The Wednesday Wars

– getting excited for auditions

– registering for classes

– being seniors…gulp.

-listening to this song

– going to sleep.


good night.


(things i need to do: Clean my sensor….check.)


October 22, 2010

Details // Visuals

As Sarahjean so poignantly, thoughtfully, and beautifully shared, the details of humans, of life are massively important. I would like to take the time to share some details of my daily life here. The details our busy eyes often overlook, often disregard, often forget to acknowledge.  I strive to revel in the details.

Heres what I’ve been seeing:

I hope that you enjoy the details as much as we  (silver rings and paper cranes) do.